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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

1.   Only human remains may be interred, and only with the prior permission of the Trustees, and once appropriate burial fees have been collected and burial record paperwork has been filled out.

2.   No more than one casket may be interred in any one grave space.


3.   In the case of the burial of cremation remains: (1) A maximum of one person's remains with two urns of human ashes, with the casket burial occurring first, or (2) Up to two urns of human ashes per grave. There will be additional expenses for anything other than 1 person per grave.


4.   All funerals, upon reaching the Cemetery, shall be conducted under the supervision of an appointed representative of the Association.


5.   Grave or plot owners shall pay the established charges for opening the graves directly to the SEXTON at the time of, or prior to, the burial. The SEXTON will then perform, or have the work performed.


6.   All ashes must be buried by the Sexton at a charge as prescribed by the Cemetery’s current fee schedule.


7.   The use of vaults is required for the burial of all full human remains. While vaults are not required for the burial of human ashes, the Association strongly recommends burying ashes in a permanent container. No metal vaults or vault liners shall be permitted. All vaults must have a concrete outer shell. A casket composed of composite material shall be permitted for the burial of an infant.


8.   No tree or plant shall be placed on any grave . If this regulation is violated, the Trustees, at their discretion, may remove the tree or plant.


9.   Enclosures of the graves of any kind will not be permitted.


10. All permanent grave markers are required to have a foundation. Foundations must be constructed of concrete and be at least the width and length as the base stone proposed to be laid upon it. Foundations shall be constructed by an approved subcontractor. Foundations shall be dug between April 15 and December 15 due to ground conditions.


11. All holiday and seasonal decorations placed on or around graves must be removed by their owners according to the "Holiday Removable Schedule" (Which is posted on the UFRCA Website). If these items are not removed according to this schedule, the Trustees may remove and dispose of them at their discretion unless preauthorized arrangements are made.


12. The cemetery association may resale (abandoned) unused graves if an investigation reveals that there is no intentions of the graves being used by current or future generations of that family. It is highly suggested that family members transfer the unused graves to other family members within ten years of the owner being buried in the cemetery to keep the status from becoming abandoned.


13. The original purchaser cannot sell unused graves of a burial plot for profit. However, other family members or friends may use them. The cemetery Association will issue a transfer deed as requested. If there is no intention of using them, it is suggested that they be transferred back to the cemetery for resale.


14. Markers, stones, and memorials are to be placed only on the two feet provided at the head of the grave.

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