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About Us

Union Flat Rock Cemetery Association, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)(13) mutual benefit cemetery company dedicated to burial and incidental activities at Union Flat Rock Cemetery, 9738 W Flatrock Road, Osgood, Indiana. Located in Jackson Township, Ripley County, Indiana, our mission is to preserve and protect the beauty and history of our cemetery while continuing to provide new generations of families a place to call their final home.

Union Flat Rock Cemetery Association, Inc. will conduct any such activities as are needed to:

  • Identify burial spaces;

  • Sell burial spaces;

  • Maintain a database of all known burial space owners and occupants;

  • Coordinate funeral home and family information at time of burial;

  • Coordinate shared care of owned/occupied burial spaces and monuments with owners/family;

  • Provide all care of orphaned/unowned burial spaces and monuments;

  • Monitor and maintain all public spaces and monuments in a safe and reliable condition;

  • Sustainably fund the activities of the Association;

  • Monitor city, county, and state actions which affect the cemetery operations;

  • Develop and maintain communication channels to members and the public.

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